We currently reside north of The Cities, sharing our home with our beloved chickens, quails, dog Maxine, cat Jack, and fish Ralphie. Meet our feathered clan here.

About Us


TC is a life-long animal-lover and volunteer for Northwoods Humane Society. His keen eye is especially adept to noticing/finding/helping lost or distressed animals. This skill lead to the addition of our first ever feathered family member many years ago... a domestic Coturnix quail from the mean streets of St Paul that we quickly fell in love with and named Nucky.



Kerri earned her degree in Veterinary Technology from Argosy University in 2011. She trained in a small animal clinic, spent time as a support specialist helping dog and cat parents navigate hospice and end-of-life decisions for their precious pets, and currently works for an animal welfare non-profit. In addition, she has been a volunteer for many local animal organizations, including The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of MN, The Raptor Center, Secondhand Hounds, and others.