Main Service Area

Go Cluck provides sitting services year-round to clients located within 10 miles of our main office in the Linwood/Stacy area.*

  • No separate travel fee for service! It's included in the price.

  • Please inquire here with your address to see if you reside within the main service region.

Extended Service Area

We are also happy to help clients located outside of our main service area! 

  • Offered April-October (sorry, no winter visits at this time)

  • Up to 30 miles away from Stacy, MN

  • Each mile driven outside of the main service area is charged at $0.50 per mile, per visit

  • Are you further than 30 miles? Drop us an email to discuss! 


*Over the winter months from November-March, clients MUST meet minimum winter requirements for care, including having a contained flock, protected shelter, heated water bowls, and the ability to be let-out late or locked up early due to potential inclement weather. For this reason, we are  not able to see free-range flocks over the winter months.