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When I started volunteering for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center many years ago, I already knew how much animals meant to me. I had just graduated from Argosy University receiving a AAS in Veterinary Technology. I started working in the avian nursery, then moved on to a pre-release facility where I was able to work with songbirds, gamebirds, and waterfowl. My attachment to birds was steadily growing when into my life hopped a lone domestic Coturnix quail, later to be named Nucky. I fell in love and quickly became, and forever will be, a bird mom. Since then, my flock has grown to include Chinese Blue-Breasted Quail (aka Button Quail), as well as a cast of chicken characters. 

  • Initial consult - free

  • Weekly cleaning

  • Deep clean

  • Buying/providing straw or shavings - market cost + $10.00 errand and labor fee

  • Run refreshing - Sweet PDZ 

  • Collect from nest and place in desired spot - INCLUDED with sitting services!

  • Also available as a separate service

  • Starting at $20 per visit

  • Water and Food refresh

  • Perimeter Checks

  • Egg collecting

  • Mail collection

  • Recycling/garbage can out/in

  • Property check

  • Pickup and delivery to your home from appropriate feed store or retailer

  • Refill of bins or storage receptacles

  • Priced per situation, usually retail cost + $20 labor fee

  • Clipping if nails are especially long

  • Rotary file for most

  • $5 per bird

  • Only available if birds are easily handled

  • Looking for signs of lice or mites, gleet, prolapse, etc*

  • $2 per bird

  • Group rates available

*service is NOT a medical diagnosis or replacement for vet care. We always recommend consulting your veterinary professional for any concerns.

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